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Bethlehem Family Doctors

Supporting wellness for you & your family

Established in 1999, Bethlehem Family Doctors sits up a tree-lined driveway, adjacent to the grounds of Bethlehem College. From small beginnings the practice has grown, both in staff numbers and in the breadth of experience across the practice team. Even with the continued level of growth, there remains a commitment to providing healthcare for the wider Bethlehem community, while maintaining a ‘Family’ practice. With a stable practice environment, several of our patients have been with us since the very beginning. Our combined history has helped to provide a high standard of care, based on shared understanding.

In 2006, BFD became one of the first Western Bay of Plenty practices to achieve certification through the Cornerstone Accreditation program – a set of quality standards set out by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Since then, accreditation has been maintained with the primary goal to provide excellence in healthcare for all who step across the threshold of our premises in Elder Lane. As part of the Western Bay PHO, funded patients can access subsidies services provided by the PHO.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Sat/Sun: Closed

Closed All Public Holidays