The importance of Screening

Breast Screening

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Kiwi women. Regular mammograms can save lives by finding breast cancer early, before it spreads.

You are more likely to survive breast cancer if it is found early and is still small. Mammograms can show changes inside a breast before they can be felt.

Cervical Screening

From September 2023, HPV testing became the primary cervical screening tool, a highly sensitive test that increases the detection of precancerous cells.

Cervical cancer starts in the cells lining the cervix & are triggered by cell change, usually caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Cell changes caused by HPV may return to normal by themselves, but in some cases they develop into cancer if left untreated.

Regular screening is important, as it is impossible to tell which abnormal cells will return to normal, and which may go on to become cancer.

Bowel Screening

The National Bowel Screening Programme is a free programme to help detect bowel cancer.

Bowel screening every two years can help find bowel cancer at an early stage, before it spreads. Find out about bowel cancer, symptoms and risk factors.